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How to tell if a man wants you

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There's nothing more horrible than having a crush on someone and feeling like they don't even know that you exist. We probably tend to think that us women experience that more often How to tell if a man wants you guys do, but of course they fall in unrequited love as well.

We're all only human. The truth is that you might know a guy who has a massive thing for you He could be a coworker, he could be your oldest friend in the world, he could be a friend of a friend.

No matter who he is and what role he plays in your life, he's got it bad for you, and if you would just pay attention to the signs, you might just realize that he's the person that you've been waiting for. Read on to find out 15 signs that he wants you and you just can't even tell. It's the biggest lie ever that guys hate texting.

If a guy likes you, he won't have any problem texting you all day long. The way to tell that he likes you is by looking at the content of his text messages.

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Does he text you super random things, like what he's eating for lunch or a funny billboard that he just drove by?

If the answer is yes, then he's got a thing for you and he totally wants you. He's thinking about you all the time and is proving it by texting you. It's really sweet when you think about it.

If this is a guy that you feel the same way about, then this is the best news ever, isn't it? Just imagine what it would be like if you never even figured it out Yeah, guys have feelings, too. Despite what Hollywood and society want you to believe, males do have emotions and they do want to talk about them sometimes. You can be sure that when a guy in your life is sharing his feelings with you, he likes you. He trusts you enough to get emotional with you and that's a really big thing.

You might think that he's just open and honest with everyone and that he's sensitive so he can't help but talk about this stuff. But that's not the case at all.

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He's into you and wants to share this part of himself with you. He's definitely not talking about this stuff with everyone that he knows. It's flattering AF, don't you think?

If someone likes you, they want to know literally everything about you and they're going to ask you questions. Sure, they're not going to make it super awkward and like you're both on a job interview, but they will ask you more questions than someone else would.

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