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Hook up netflix to surround sound

Porn Base Hook up netflix to surround sound.
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For those of you that may have this problem, I spent lots of time trying to figure this out So, i suddenly thought, hey the Blue Rae player has a smart hub and Netflix, why can't I still use it.

That was the answer. Anyway, I though I'd post this because the answer was so simple!

AVS Forum articles Contests. When I'm watching netflix, it doesn't play through my surround sound. Is there any way around this?

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Add your favorite bass-heavy movies here; http: Air Supply is offline. Depends on the device as to whether the Netflix app i.

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Is it an audio option on your Vizio Netflix? What option would I be looking for?

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I went through all my TV settings but couldn't find anything. It's a part of the Netflix app not the tv. Do you have these choices on your tv app?

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I stream netflix 5. I also do not have ARC setup--I use a digiatal audio out toslink cable.

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Although under my digital audio option on the TV, I have to ensure dolby digital is selected because when its sent as PCM my denon avr only see's it as 2. If you don't have the options in your Netflix app that means for that model of tv Netflix and LG didn't get together for 5 ch sound.

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It probably costs LG more to do so. It would be nice if they would say more than "hey we've got the Netflix app" as there is more to it than just the multich audio option. But LG figures as long as they can say "netflix" then they don't have to pony up for all the features It's in the software, i.

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You don't apparently have it at all since you don't see the audio choices. You simply have Netflix with 2. You'd need another type of streaming device where the multi-ch sound is included in the particular Netflix app, like my PS3 perhaps Roku or Apple TV etc may have such as well but you'd have to query I think I've seen as much but don't have but the PS3 myself.

Well your Vizio should have 5. Not all movies come in 5. I should be good then, right?

My tv is mounted on the wall, so I'll need to wait until the weekend to try it out. Otto Pylot is offline.

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