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Masturbation in white briefs

Naked xXx Masturbation in white briefs.
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Book worm You'll need to be wearing tighty-whities for this one. And it helps to make sure your dick is properly aligned inside them and to wear dark jeans to cover the evidence.

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Go to your local bookstore, the one that sells adult magazines, dressed as you normally do. If they have open copies, pick up one that interests you and start reading. As you feel yourself getting hard, don't let up, just keep reading.

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If you run out of good pictures in one magazine, switch to another. You will feel yourself getting ready to climax, but don't stop.

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Keep reading and think sexy thoughts. Imagine yourself having sex with the girls in the picture. As you feel yourself about to cum, just keep reading like nothing is happening. When you shoot off, the pressure from the whities will give you the best orgasm you'll ever have.

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You will rock back and forth even, like you're having a seizure. When you're all finished, put the magazine back and drive home with the cum still soaking in your pants. The dark Masturbation in white briefs will ensure that no one notices if it starts to leak out of the underwear. Tighty whities I get a pair of fly-front tighty whities a size or two too small.

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