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How to use bumble boost

Naked Pictures How to use bumble boost.

Bumble is a How to use bumble boost app that is coming up to three years old and is resonating well with more serious daters. Created by one of the original people behind Tinder, it is like Tinder but also not like Tinder in all the right ways. Bumble Beeline is a part of the premium option that adds a neat extra feature for those willing to pay.

Bumble is a dating app with a difference. Rather than it being an open playing field where anyone can contact anyone, it gives all the power to the woman. Men cannot initiate conversation at all. All users can swipe left or right to like or not, but only a woman can initiate contact between two people.

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This is a very simple but very effective difference that makes Bumble nicer to use for all concerned. Bumble is a free app with a premium option called Bumble Boost. Bumble Beeline is a feature that lets you know as soon as someone swipes right to like you. When you subscribe, you gain access to a feed that features the people on Bumble who have swiped right on you.

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This means you can check to see who has liked you and initiate conversation right away, if you are a female. If you are also female, you too can swipe to match but can also initiate a conversation. Bumble Beeline is essentially a time saver.

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Rather than swiping through your list of profile cards, you can instantly see who, if any, have already swiped right on you. You can then swipe right back and initiate or wait for conversation.

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Using Bumble Beeline is simple. You open the app, navigate to the match queue and look at the profile pictures on the page.

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The ones with the green ring around it have already swiped right on you and you can do the same, or not. Be aware though that the mechanics of Bumble Beeline are suspect to say the least.

The number of matches fluctuates between views of the Beeline page in a seemingly random way that has yet to be explained months after being noticed. This Reddit user did an unscientific test that shows what I mean.

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Bumble Rematch is a way around that arbitrary 24 hour time limit to initiate contact. If you meant to get back to a match and forgot and it expired, Rematch will allow you to resurrect it.

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By default regular Bumble users have just 24 hours to start a conversation once a match has been made. After that it expires and the match disappears.

By subscribing to Bumble Boost, you get the option to Rematch.

The expired profile card within your Match Queue should have a green box underneath that says Rematch. Select this and it gives you a further 24 hours to make contact.

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BusyBee takes Rematch a step further by eliminating that 24 hour limit altogether. Once you have a match, use BusyBee and you unlimited opportunities to extend that time period. Essentially the time limit is still there but you can elect to extend it indefinitely. If you keep using BusyBee to extend, the match stays in your match queue.

If it expires, use Rematch to bring it back and BusyBee to keep How to use bumble boost there.

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The premium version of Bumble does add some useful features to the dating app but the core app is pretty good too. The users seem less toxic and needy than many other dating apps and seem to be more about dating than hooking up.

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I would suggest using Tinder for hookups and use Bumble for finding someone more serious. Bumble is a free app with a premium option called Bumble Boost.

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For $ a month, you get three major perks. You get Bumble Beeline. Can I use multiple Bumble modes?

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Yes, you can use . How can I sign up for Bumble Boost?

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