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Songs like break your heart

Nude gallery Songs like break your heart.

Psychological songs like break your heart nude gallery

June 8, at 4: And yet, and yet…secret sad meanings hidden in the lyrics…okay, Songs like break your heart can resist those?

Firstif the actual tragedy the lyrics allude to is the source of the heart-breaking song, then how is this any different than if someone simply told you of a heart-breaking tragedy? It is this dynamic which is at work in the oh this is what the song means! Whether the song is about something that actually happened is beside the point.

If we are really moved by a song, on some level it is real for us—and nothing more needs to be said on the issue. Obviously, the point is, when compiling this list, we have considered the total impact on the heart by the song itself. The tragedy imagined or real matters, obviously, but more importantly is how it all comes together in the way it is conveyed by the song, so it stays pleasantly in our memory. Bewitching perhaps, but ultimately a pleasure, since happiness is or should be the end of existence.

The songs on our list may, or may not, make you cry. But it should be a happy cry.

We need a list like...

But the more we ponder this whole question of context, the more it threatens to explode the whole project: The best conclusion, we think, is this: We will not worry ourselves that lists like this can never satisfy everyone, for this does not mean lists such as this are not worth doing. And here we might as well add that the heart needs protection —and this is what T.

King, but we could not find it in our hearts to do so. Work like this is admirable, but, for us, just not heart-melting. Occasionally the beautifully wise Songs like break your heart like ice—but as this list shows, icy perfection rarely melts the heart. Often it is just a warm, slow melody.

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Puccini might be said to have invented the modern pop song, or maybe it was Mozart? The hook —and then creeping behind it, another equally as sweet!

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And so sweet—it has to be brief. A tear-jerker for the ages. Too recent to appreciate? No, this performance is timeless. If women are dominating this list so far? Video Games The video of this casually, stupidly languid but passionate song by Lana Del Rey has 83 million views and yes we are in a different era now of perfecting heart-tugging—technically and artistically.

Tears the only defense against this. Honey Songs like break your heart Goldsboro makes a goddamn movie with a song. Sentimental, perhaps, but the vocal and the lyrics expand possibilities in a way that practically forms a template of its own. Puccini invented pop, perhaps. Urban, angsty poetry at its very best.

Sigh deeply if you agree.

A broken heart is your...

Alameda Elliot Smith almost wallows too much in self-misery to project: Heart of Gold Neil Young. The slightest trace of self-pity ruins it. Green Fields Brothers Four. Layers of slow, trembling, lush, melancholy.

Wild World Cat Stevens. Blue Velvet Bobby Vinton sings this as schmaltzy pop—the velvety tune itself transcends its setting. My Sweet Lord George Harrison took the most powerful secular format ever: We can never get enough, it seems, of lost love and seasons. A couple of guys from Queens, Songs like break your heart York. Space Oddity David Bowie. Alienated by technology, a theme of this great techno-song from our modern era of passionate contradictions.

Nostalgia from one of the greatest pop divas.

The good news: you're not...

Dream Brother Jeff Buckley. A superbly expressed song of beautiful primal longing. High Your Love Donovan, from his Sutras: A sentimental song that grabs sentimentality by the throat.

The nearly atonal baritone delivery manages to be a mesmerizing diversion.

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Anyone can make music. Zimmerman was so sentimental he had to be tough. It is about tall Art going off to an acting gig and leaving small Paul alone, who takes the sweetest revenge in it. A pounding, psychedelia of heart-melting sweetness from George. The Incest Song Buffy St. Lonesome Valley Erik Darling. Easily one of the greatest recordings of all time. Chasing Cars Snow Patrol. String section strains to slow down the finger-snapping beat of the sad, optimistic shimmer.

This is perhaps the poetic trope: Perfect Day Lou Reed.

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Old people back in the 60s who hated noisy rock must have been taken aback when songs like this were produced. A Day in the Life Beatles. The reflective, sad quietness of this song reflects the touring band, going in the studio, growing up.

Imagine these three as unknowns, turning out hundreds of songs a year, and then the whole cache is discovered.

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