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Sexy Shrimp (Thor amboinensis) is...

Care The diminutive Sexy Shrimps have gained their light-hearted common name from the way they sway and vibrate their abdomen when walking. When at rest, they arch their abdomen and tail up towards the head.

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These peaceful shrimps commonly live symbiotically on various large anemones in the Indo-Pacific, and specifically the carpet anemone Stichodactyla helianthus in the Caribbean. Sexy shrimp for sale, several of these gregarious shrimps live on each host anemone, but some have been known to house as many as 20 individuals.

Sexy Shrimps are found in shallow waters, from 0. In the home aquarium, they should always be kept in groups of 3 or more, and a host anemone or another of their preferred sessile invertebrate hosts, see below should be provided. Some Sexy Shrimps will even take up residence amongst the tentacles of some Zoanthus and Ricordia species as well as Frogspawn Coral Euphyllia sp.

Tankmates should be chosen very carefully to ensure that these tiny shrimps are not viewed as food — companions must also be small Sexy shrimp for sale peaceful, and preferably not occupy the same niche.

As these tiny shrimp are among the smallest of available aquarium invertebrates, their petite size can bring out the predatory nature in many otherwise Sexy shrimp for sale fish, so be very cautious when housing with any damselfishes, gobies, small wrasses etc.

Be aware that other crustaceans - particularly some of the larger shrimp species - may also pose a threat. Pugnacious clownfish, such as the Clarkii Clown Amphiprion clarkiiwill not tolerate them sharing the same anemone, and must be avoided.

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Acclimatise your Sexy Shrimps slowly and carefully, preferably using the drip method or a Maidenhead Aquatics Fintro. As with other invertebrates, do not use copper-based medications if you have Sexy Shrimp in the tank. As these shrimp grow, they will moult every now and again, and you may find their exoskeletons in the tank.

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They are quite vulnerable for a few days once they have shed their exoskeleton, and may hide away until the new shell hardens. However, they never normally venture more than a few cm from their host anemone.

Excellent water quality is Sexy shrimp for sale at all times — these shrimps will not tolerate an elevated nitrate level. Feeding Carnivorous - will eat most meaty aquarium foods.

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Target feed their host anemone, so that they can grab morsels of food in relative safety. Breeding Sexy Shrimp have been bred in the home aquarium, but raising the miniscule larvae is challenging. This species would make a great breeding project for the serious hobbyist.

Little in the way of courtship is involved in the reproductive process; males are continually on the lookout for females, and when they find them, and if they are willing to copulate, this takes place quickly Sexy shrimp for sale without fuss.

When mating, the male transfers sperm cells from his gonopores, located on his fifth pereopods, to the female's gonopores, which are located on her third pereopods.

The female will carry, oxygenate, and clean the orange-brown eggs numbering several hundred on the pleopods under the forward tail section.

Thor amboinensis

Males take no further part in the reproductive process. To rear this species, it is best to set up a separate breeding tank with very gentle circulation and a ready supply of tiny live foods, such as rotifers or newly-hatched baby brineshrimp Artemia nauplii to feed the larvae.

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The eggs hatch some 12 days after spawning has taken place, although this is largely temperature dependent. The slender larvae are around 2mm in length, and are delicate and slow-growing. Settlement takes place between 3 and 4 weeks post hatch. Sexy Shrimp Thor amboinensis.

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Females grow slightly larger, have white spots on their pleopods, and can sometimes be seen full of eggs as pictured here. Sexy Shrimp (Thor amboinensis) is also known as Anemone Shrimp.

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