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Golden banana club

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I was in Boston for work and was staying in a hotel in Peabody. The Golden Banana was not far away on Route 1 North. It is a little offset of Route 1. There is a gas station in front of the Golden Banana, so if you're not familiar with the area you could easily miss it.

The Golden Banana has a decent sized parking lot. From the outside it does Golden banana club look like anything special, but do not judge this book by its cover. The inside of the club is fairly nice. I Golden banana club say it's an average sized club. The stage itself is cross-shaped with one pole at the intersection of the cross. Dancers seemed to dance for about six songs.

Golden banana club would start on the side of the cross farthest from the DJ and by about song most dancers were topless. By about song they would move to the side of the stage closest to the DJ and they would be fully nude.

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Once a dancer switched sides of the stage, another dance would Golden banana club them on the side they just left, so there were almost always two dancers always on stage at a time. I only saw one dancer walking around asking guys if they were interested in dances.

Most of these dancers seemed to live off the tips they get from guys sitting right around the stage. Because the pole is in the middle of the stage, and the girls spend most of their time on the edge of the stage near the customers that tip them, I don't think I've ever seen a pole less used at a strip club.

I was in Boston for...

Most of the girls were very attractive. Every girl was between a 7 and a 9, in my opinion.

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Most of the girls were natural and no one was excessively tattooed. I assume if you were interested in getting a private dance you had to ask the dancer while she was dancing near where you were sitting.

There was also one girl not a dancer who walked around asking guys if they were interested in Golden banana club a massage. These were done right at the guy's seat with the guy seated and the girl standing behind him. I asked a guy who was a regular here Golden banana club he had ever gotten a massage, and he said yes and that it was pretty good. If you're in the Boston area, specifically near Peabody, I would definitely recommend a visit to the Golden Banana.

Came in on a Sunday evening expecting it to be a little slow but ended up Pretty good. The girls rated about a 7.

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The layout is pretty open with a stage that looks like a clover. The decor is posh and not too dark. There are the LD areas to the left as you enter and the bar is to the right.

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