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Cat lover hookup video submissions for bachelor

Adult sex Galleries Cat lover hookup video submissions for bachelor.

Jesus once said" if she breaths she a thot". Nope, was funny as hell though because it was almost instant. Gotta shield m'lady's eyes before they get tainted.

If we keep posting this on every thread, it's only going to be a beaten to a pulp dead meme faster. Think about it bro Dick goes IN the pussy so you're basically eating dick You know where dick doesnt go in? Yeah true man want to get their ass blasted by tyler 1's sexy, peanut, deformed chimp meat of a head. She mastered the opposite of titty streaming by pretending to not show her ass every 5 minutes she has to get up off her chair.

Cat lover hookup video submissions for bachelor I made League of Legends highlights with her in almost every thumbnail. Praise all the 12yo kids that watched that garbage. Funny thing is she even commented on one of my videos once to chnage the thumbnail because I made it look like she was jerking a dick in it.

Jupp I did the same thing with top 10 videos, got me atleast dollars from one video. Clickbaiting makes it ridicoulously easy to get views. She's also professional in "networking" with other big streamers. In typical thots streamers, you get virgin adults who donate and are desperate to date or have sex with the streamers. Chinese dramas, on the other hand How does she do a good job to cover it tho? She is known to have worked her way up by banging the likes of Bjergsen and Meteos Pro league players for anyone who doesn't Cat lover hookup video submissions for bachelor them.

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My favourite part is that her and Lilipichy as well who was together with hotshotgg for a year or so trashtalk so called " lcs-girls" that go to the lcs events and hook up with pro players. Meanwhile this is exactly what they did themselves before it was a cool thing to do apparently.

Examples of this include things...

But Lily was pretty big in the scene before she started dating Hotshot? And she only recently blew up after her and Hotshot broke up. My biggest growth was offlinetv, not any guy, and I was well established before Cat lover hookup video submissions for bachelor dated. But that doesn't fit anyone's narrative so bleh: You can shit talk about poki all you want but that claim about Lily and her shit talking about lcs sounds shady af, and Lily was already well known in the community and her huge recent fame is because of offlinetv so half of your claims are fake or just plain bs.

Do you have a source for this?

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Lily is friends with a bunch of "LCS girls" so I cant imagine she would openly shit-talk them. E-Sport thots have been a thing for awhile. Except where she always keeps her relationships unpublic so incels like you cant flame her and come up with your master conspiracy theories.

Meaty Os and Bjerg were never confirmed to be dating. Or maybe she keeps her relationship unpublic so " incels" like you keep donating: Maybe she enjoys keeping that little bit of hope alive so you can spam donate and " befriend" her that way. Keep subbing and donating baby i'm sure she lubs u brother!!

The last Mickey impression I heard was on South Park and as far as I remember that one was close to the original and nothing like this. Maybe the laugh kinda? Some girls market themselves via skimpy outfits.

The smarter ones market themselves in more subtle ways. The tweet that went with it was the worst part. This was part of that thread. What is wrong with him? They certainly did, why isn't he already married to 3 of his cousins and have at least one baby on the way smh.

Coming from a really religious family myself I can see why it would be a big deal, but not to where I'd be so open about it. But I'm pretty introverted and usually keep stuff to myself so I guess that's just me. Something about Poki is fake as fuck. I only heard of her through Myth so I'm not in the know but she seems like she has a plastic personality. It's not really a secret, if you find vods of her old streams the change is pretty apparent. She talks like a 5 year old anime girl now Cat lover hookup video submissions for bachelor it's what appeals to all the weeaboo offline tv fans.

She actually used to present herself as an adult believe it or not. Hey man, I know if I were in her position Cat lover hookup video submissions for bachelor do it too. Just like a salesperson will tell you what you want to hear to get that sweet commission.

This thread is actually pretty much the most retarded shit ive seen on reddit in the 7 years ive spent here.

Like even if half the shit these people said were true these people get way the fuck too invested and angry about these streamers.

There's speculation there was an overlap between meteos and bjerg. Her stream pretty much devolves into thicc spam and different ships. She just hops from one big streamer to the other.

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