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Lock n key restaurant

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Lock 'N Key Restaurant &...

My family my husband, my 9 year old, 6 year old and myself recently vacationed in the EnglewoodVenice Beach and Siesta Key area. During our stay in Englewood, we visited this restaurant after seeing above average reviews online.

Our experience with this restaurant was terrible. The owner would not talk to us even upon request, and the poor manager I did manage to speak to had no idea what was going on and ended up getting rather rude. I understand the in and outs of restaurants and when I received my order, I could not eat the entree.

I tried ordering another entree at the same price instead and was told I would be required to pay for two meals if I received anything else. My family and I were excited to eat at this restaurant as we chose to visit on the first night of our vacation.

Lock n key restaurant

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Overall, ALL of the food was bland with the exception of my caesar salad. I would have loved to have had a great dining experience so we would have had a great restaurant to visit each time we visit.

Unfortunately, no one in the restaurant was interested in making our dining experience anything worth returning to. As a server myself, I want my customers to leave happy and with a desire to return. That is MY job as as server.

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The owner of EVERY restaurant I have ever worked has always made sure that if a customer doesn't like or cannot eat what they've ordered, they make it Lock n key restaurant. I was sick the rest of that night, ruining the first night of our vacation in Englewood. I am simply appalled at the service the owner of this restaurant gave my family. It was very overpriced and the food was in no way worth the experience.

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We will never return. The staff in this restaurant cares in no way about giving good Lock n key restaurant service, especially the owner. Read my review on the trip forum on this restaurant - I vowed I would never go back The service was poor, customer service was non-existent and the food bland and very overpriced for what you got.

There are so many better places in Englewoodand hopefully your bad experience at Lock and Key will not put you off coming back to this great area!

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