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A former boss once put a proposal to us. He was happy to introduce a paternity pay deal equivalent to the deal given to mothers.

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However, it would mean maternity pay was reduced from six months at full pay to a system of three months for both mums and dads. It was up to us.

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And the staff — with male colleagues fully aware of the wrath they might face from female colleagues — roundly rejected it. I suspect my boss — who had himself taken time out to care for his kids so his partner could focus on her career — knew the indignation his proposal would meet, given it would improve the lot of fathers on the payroll, at the expense of making mothers with partners at other workplaces worse off.

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But as a thought experiment, it served its purpose. It made me ask: The report by the Commons equalities committee outlines how hard it can be for fathers in male-dominated — read macho — working environments to ask for parental leave. Dads who worked part-time to accommodate childcare told the committee of finding themselves mocked by co-workers.