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Otter brewery tacoma

Pron Pictures Otter brewery tacoma.

Very quaint and lovely little pub.

Odd Otter Brewing Company is...

The beer was fresh and great! We were doing a 'mini' pub tour We were doing a 'mini' pub tour on our own and this was one of our stops. We had the sampler so we could try several of their beer. We would definitely go Good beer, friendly employees! To be honest i really Otter brewery tacoma wanted to stop here due to my love of Otters.

I did like the beers and thought they were really good. Bartender talked to us for the longest time, gave us insights about going up to Seattle and Vancouver Such a great, down to earth, brewery. The beer was delicious and the staff was beer smart and friendly. In a great spot in Tacoma, elbow up and people watch while enjoying a small batch IPA.

Odd Otter Brewing Company from...

Beware of the merch, you will want it all When someone asks me where should we go for a beer in Tacoma, my first response is always Odd Otter. They always have the best selection, and some of the oddest beers.

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We've been coming here since their first week, and have never Otter brewery tacoma disappointed The staff is wonderful, the place is clean, location is great and the beer selection is wonderful. I've tried a few Otter brewery tacoma their beers and they are really good Went there for the first time and they helped me pick a beer provided samples and have the best tshirts and sweatshirts to buy.

Would definitely recommend this place to anyone. We got a couple of flights to be able to try all the beers. I myself am a stout person but I ended up loving their cherry cider!

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