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Myrtle beach world amateur golf

Sex photo Myrtle beach world amateur golf.

An attorney, a plumber and a radish farmer walk onto a golf course It is one of the great golf events in the world, period.

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To be clear, it is not a bucket-list experience only for competitive golfers. The true beauty of the World Am is that it is a choose-your-own-adventure golf tournament in perhaps the best choose-your-own-adventure golf destination on the planet.

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Myrtle beach world amateur golf The World Am honors this diversity. Each of the dozens of flights Myrtle beach world amateur golf had 66 this year plays a pre-determined four-course rota for the main tournament rounds. Course rotations change each year, too, so players who have been coming for a decade or more there are hundreds end up gradually being introduced to a large swath of the area in a guided, easy-to-understand way.

Though the World Am is no doubt a golf tournament, different players will bring different levels of competitive fire with them. I played in the Gross Division no handicaps, just straight stroke playwhich carried World Amateur Golf Ranking points for the first time this year, but I was surprised when my Round 1 playing partners turned on some music for the round.

They kept it to a moderate level and we all had a great time. It might not be a coincidence that I played my best round of the week under these laid-back conditions.

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World Am organizers, led by Tournament Director Scott Tomasello, adjust handicaps across age, Myrtle beach world amateur golf and handicap groups and the player with the best net score from Friday is crowned the overall World Amateur Champion.

A big scoreboard, pro-style signage and immaculate course conditions treat participants to a fun, memorable experience. Of course, not everyone plays well at the World Am. A bad opening round or two can leave you out of contention, but there is plenty of reason to press on.

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The camaraderie and social aspects of the tournament arguably upstage the competitive side of it. Other side games usually crop up within flights to keep things interesting.

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Regardless, plenty of beer and cocktails flow on the course and in the bar afterwards, keeping the mood convivial. Open bars dot the floor of the Myrtle Beach Convention Center, and food stations ring the perimeter. A player and guest receive access to this celebration with entry to the event.

Live entertainment, golf equipment and accessory exhibitors all add to the fun. In one corner, folks played cornhole on World Am logoed boards. In another, golfers stood elbow-to-elbow playing the popular Golden Tee arcade golf game. Elsewhere, social media celebrity golfer Paige Spiranac took selfies with adoring fans.

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Best of all, the World Am is affordable. Finally, I tried to keep my ears open all week for funny and unusual anecdotes. After all, when you get more than 3, avid golfers together, there are going to be some stories. Two in particular — one great and one bizarre — stood out to me.

First, the uplifting one. I had the chance to play two of my rounds with Derrick Oyervides, a laid-back, year-old newly married resident of the Greenville, South Carolina suburb of Greer. We both found ourselves in the lead group on Thursday at Grande Dunes Resort Club, where he put on the best display of driving the golf ball I have ever seen in competition I Myrtle beach world amateur golf from contention with a Swinging without a hint of fear, he absolutely annihilated drive after drive, unleashing moon balls that faded five to ten yards reliably before plunging back down about yards downrange.

He shot a mostly effortless four-under par 68 before cruising to victory with a 74 on Day 5 after 72 holes, the top three Gross Division participants make it to the final day.

Topping that, two of their Greer-based friends, Dan Gaither and Kyle Coggins, won their own respective flights, rounding out a foursome of flight winners from Myrtle beach world amateur golf same small city of 25, people. What are the odds? The moral of this story: But bring lots of money. I heard this second-hand but was able to confirm with tournament officials. One of the players, evidently frustrated by his first-round putting performance, stole a putter from the pro shop and aimed to use it during play.

His misdeed did not go unnoticed. Course staff confronted the golfer, asking him to return the putter and apologize in order to settle the Myrtle beach world amateur golf. He refused, and was arrested on the course.

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They had the idiot on video stealing the putter. The World Am is one of those events that is just plain great for the soul of golf and its players. It is a celebration of everything so many people love about this crazy game: Tim Gavrich September 05, Hope springs eternal at the Myrtle Beach World Amateur.

So does the spirit of friendly competition. It is a no-brainer bucket-list experience for any avid golfer. Competitive golf for all.

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The World Am is so popular with golfers because it's so darn much fun. Each of the first four rounds at the World Am is a shotgun start.

Each morning brings energy, expectations and possibilities.