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Chubby and beautiful

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Your face is something you were born with. Having a good body takes a lot of sustained effort. A butterface is someone who may have been aware of their shortcomings and balanced them out the best they could.

Your face probably gives off an impression that reminds them of someone.

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Years ago a guy who meant the world to me actually called me lovely. I have broad shoulders, small tits, and round hips. I build muscle easily when I try.

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Of course I gain weight easily too which fucking sucks. I read somewhere that men Chubby and beautiful hot bodies short-term and beautiful faces long-term.

I get hit on by artists, especially older ones. And not to be arrogant okay who am I kidding but the men who look at curvy women with beautiful faces are usually more intelligent. The fratty guys occasionally hit on me.

Sometimes they seem vaguely surprised by how I look. Sometimes men will criticize my body. The girls I see in the meatpacking district are tall and skinny with straight hair and generic faces.

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They all look the same. I guess that makes it easy for promoters who use women as currency to replace them. They want to take my picture or draw my face. One girl, a painter, told me I have ears that are perfectly proportionate to my face.

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What I really want is to be photographed for a street style blog. Maybe because they want tall skinny girls. Also because I get too fat for my good clothes every six months.

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If you Chubby and beautiful to shoot Rubenesque girls who wear Uniqlo leggings pants, let me know. Your face is probably very expressive. You feel naked in public. I bet you have long hair that you like to hide behind. People might let you get away with a little more, because beauty makes them comfortable. A study showed that babies look at symmetrical faces longer. Actresses used to have unique, expressive faces: Now movie stars are anorexic and interchangeable.

Your time is over.

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Everyone knows your face ages before your body does. You should really start working out before that sluggish metabolism of yours gains momentum. The pressure on women to be thin is insane. I walk a lot and avoid obvious junk food like soda.

But I also have a hearty appetite and anxiety problems that makes me too tired to work out sometimes.

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A pretty face used to mean something. But now models are scrawny and bland.

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