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Guaymas sonora mexico

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The city proper is mostly an industrial port and is the principal port for the state of Sonora. Before the arrival of the Europeans, the areas now known as Guaymas was dominated by the Guaymas, Seri and Yaqui tribes. They were commanded by Francisco de Ulloawho called the area "the port of ports. Some small Jesuit missions in the area were founded in the s and s, [1] [8] when Jesuits Guaymas sonora mexico eight mission villages with the Yaqui.

The Seri strongly opposed the settlement of Europeans and resisted fiercely until It was headed by Manuel Diaz. After doing so, the Spanish colonials built an adobe fort with four towers in Guaymas, Guaymas sonora mexico under the command of Captain Lorenzo Cancio. Farming was on a subsistence level.

Ships visited the bay intermittently but only one house was here for customs purposes. In this era, it was safer to travel by sea than by land; Guaymas became an important stopping point for those heading north or south. They eventually disappeared as a distinct Guaymas sonora mexico. The port became a municipality in The ships fired on the town and captured it, keeping it in U.

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