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Matthew kelly catholic

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And in some ways, he is: The ability to captivate audiences of thousands at sold-out events from Fresno to Orlando and everywhere in betweenspeaking about ways to find passion and purpose Matthew kelly catholic life. But to call this year-old a successful entrepreneur, public speaker, and author is telling only part of his story.

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He spends little time promoting himself; that, he would tell you, is not the point. So nobody knows that he printed his 30 millionth book last October.

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Or that, in alone, his 25th year as a published author and motivational speaker, he will addresspeople in person and another 1. But Matthew kelly catholic bigger goal is to use those same talents to simultaneously bring people back to and re-energize a 2,year-old institution: Rediscover Jesusby the way, sold 4 million copies its first year in print, Adele sold 8 million albums, while second place Taylor Swift sold 3.

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Ask him why he sells so many books and attracts such large audiences in an era when popular culture has practically pronounced Catholicism dead, and he answers without hesitation.

K elly was born and raised Matthew kelly catholic Sydney, Australia, the fourth of eight boys.

His move into full-time motivational speaking started circawhen he was a year-old college student. Later, he founded management consulting firm Floyd Consulting, which today counts 50 Fortune companies including GE, Pepsi, and Michelin as clients.

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And inhe successfully jumped genres again, with his business book The Dream Manager becoming his second New York Times bestseller.

Later, Kelly was in a meeting with a corporate client, Matthew kelly catholic about employee engagement, when it hit him: Its first order of business?

Rediscover Catholicism [Matthew Kelly] on...

Commissioning a nationwide research study on engagement in the Catholic Church. Nine years in, Dynamic Catholic—an organization where 75 percent of staff hails from far outside Cincinnati and the median employee age is 27, estimates Dynamic Catholic President Mark Moore—remains focused on expanding its reach.

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Even so, news coverage of Kelly in major Catholic media is sparse, with just a handful of magazine articles and television appearances over the past 15 years. Then again, since Kelly has never publicized his book sales or viewership numbers, they may be unaware of his impact or reach.

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Ursula grad Meggie Burkemelanoma inand kidney cancer in His response to all three? But none of this—cancer, marriage, kids—seems to slow Kelly down.

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Not because the media is banging down his door. When the rest of the world is saying things like You can be anything you want to be! H appiness comes from discipline.

But Kelly sees none of these issues as insurmountable; in fact, they hint at why he hires so many young people and why Dynamic Catholic generates so much content for people of Matthew kelly catholic ages on so many different platforms—social media, online, and in print. Furthermore, he has a way of broaching touchy subjects without offending.

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Kelly does wish homilies spent more time dealing with the things laypeople struggle with every day—health, work, money, relationships, and addictions. If Dynamic Catholic embodies his hope for renewal, its massive and growing following—which includes both men and women of pretty much all ages—indicates a level of success in reaching people who might otherwise consider leaving Catholicism.

Matthew kelly catholic

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Of course, success can be measured in many ways. Top 5 Shows to See This Fall.

Follow us on Instagram cincinnatimagazine. Lisa Murtha - November 7, As we continue to celebrate the Christmas season, most of the Catholic blogosphere is discussing Matthew Kelly's recent book “Rediscover. Rediscover Catholicism [Matthew Kelly] on *FREE* shipping on qualifying offers. Over the past 20 years, Matthew Kelly has seen more of the.

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