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What to do on a movie date

18+ Galleries What to do on a movie date.

This is the one time where being fashionably late is a horrible idea.

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No outfit is worth missing the trailers for. Get ready to play the wallet-reach game: So just be ready to do the overdramatic wallet-reach when lining up for tickets.

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This is not the time to get the full combo with nachos, a hot dog and side of pungent onions. This is the time for a box of popcorn, bag of Skittles and drink with two straws. When in doubt, head to the back of the theater.

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A couple making out at the back of the theater is tolerated, but a couple making out in the first row? Pick an appropriate movie: But, you are there with your crush!

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Radio silence could be a bit unnerving. If you notice your crush attempting any of these tactics, be receptive.

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Guys, sit up tall so your date can lean on your shoulder without getting a neck cramp. For you, this movie may have been whatever happened to be playing at 8pm, but for your date, this movie might be the next Oscar winner.

So if your subtle attempts to make-out or share some film trivia are going unmet, give it a rest. Turn towards the screen and try to find out what has your crush so captivated.

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