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Translate word translate russian word

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You can get a translator add-in for Outlook in the Office store. See Translator for Outlook for more information. In your document, spreadsheet or presentation, highlight the cell or text you want to translate.

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The translated text will replace the text you highlighted in step 1. You might see a list of several translations.

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Expand the translated item to show a usage example in both languages. Choose the one you want and click Copy. You must also be connected to the internet, and have Office Intelligent services to use Translator. Users with Officebut without a subscription, will have the same translation features that are available in Office and earlier.

Subscribers get new features and improvements monthly.

Click to try or buy a subscription. Not sure what version of Office you're running? See What version of Office am I using?

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A copy of the translated document will be opened in a separate window. If you later want to change the To language for document translation, or if you need to translate a document to more than Translate word translate russian word language, you can do so, by selecting Set Document Translation Language Admin considerations for modern translator feature in Office.

Languages supported by Microsoft Translator. You can have an entire Word document or Outlook message translated by a computer "machine translation" and displayed in a web browser. When you choose this kind of translation, the content in your file is sent over the Internet to a service provider. Machine translation is helpful for conveying the basic subject matter of the content and for confirming whether the content is relevant to you. For high accuracy or sensitive files, human translation is recommended, because machine Translate word translate russian word might not preserve the full meaning and tone of the text.

Under Choose document translation languages click the Translate from and Translate to languages that you want, and then click OK. On the Review tab, in the Language group, click Translate. The From and To languages that you selected are listed. A browser tab opens with your file in both the original language and the language that you selected for translation.

If this is the first time you have used translation services, you may need to click OK to install the bilingual dictionaries and enable the translation service through the Research pane.

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