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Working from home, the local coffee shop, or while traveling around the country means going light.

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All media ends up on a hard drive which is easier for them, and keeps it easy and cheap! Far from a slick post-house setup, but very affordable and comfortable for long days of editing. In the end, the client doesn't care about how nice your editing system is, only whether or not your work is good.

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Do a behind-the-scenes edit, or volunteer to do a promo of some kind for them. Do it for someone who has a large social media following so it gets a lot of extra traffic, and potential referrals!

Which leads me to the obvious….

It helps to have a few different finished video edits to show off, but the trick is to send the edit that will be most like what your potential client is wanting you to do for them. After my first few jobs I realized that I wanted local storage for not only my media and my backups, but I wanted to backup client drives as well.

I mean, what if when I shipped the drive back the Fedex package was lost or damaged? I decided to buy into a storage system that met my needs, and I've been using these drives for years. The OWC Elite Pro minis hard drives are small, can be bus powered, aesthetically match my Apple products, and out of about drives I've purchased for myself, clients, and friends, I've never had a single one go bad. I cannot recommend them enough.

Much of my work has come from other video producers or repeat clients, where I edited a project once for them, possibly at their location, and was able to continue to work with them even after moving across the country. It was as easy as letting them know that I had the capabilities to work from home and that I could upload edits for them.

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Besides the aforementioned, resources like Mandy. Google Drive or Box. They are free and get the job done. If you have your own FTP server for your website you can use that, and there are also services like Nimia.

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Producers have plenty of options for video editors, and for them to work with someone remotely you have to make it as easy as Best video compilation of the world ( bills ) for them, and provide a quick turnaround. This can mean working through the night to get a rough cut to them the next morning.

If billing by the hour and not the project, I use a timer on my phone as a sort of digital punchclock. You will bill accurately, but also get a great idea of how long it takes you to do edits, which will help you to quote jobs better in the future. I do this all the time. On the hard drive your client sends you, create a folder labeled with your name and the project name.

Inside it, subfolders separating music, graphics, project files, and everything else, will help keep things clean and organized for the guy who opens this up on the client end. Vimeo is a very accessible place to watch videos from, and my clients can even download the file if they need to.

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