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Why do girls like swallowing cum

Naked Porn tube Why do girls like swallowing cum.

Yes, I do like to swallow.

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Like others said, I do do it because the guys like it and it's really not that bad, and once I get caught up in "the moment" I just do it and it's fine. I don't like it personally but I do it because guys really love it. Yea, you can spit it out and still be good but it really pleases a guy more when you swallow his cum.

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Its real freaky nasty and guys love freaks in bed. Its just a plus is all. Its not a have to but your guy will really like you more for doing that. Hi deeplove, I definitely agree with u, I'm a guy and I really like it when my girlfriend swallowed my cums, it really turns me on. Depends on the guy.

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Sometimes it tastes like candy, sometimes it tastes like shit. In an article I've read- don't know where- that it all depends on how a guy takes his diet. If you smoke and drink a lot, its bitter, and if you eat healthy and a lot of green leafy foods, then its kinda sweet. I wish more guys would do that.

Haha like candy, Most guys I date it has no taste or tastes sweet haha. But I don't like doing it though. Supposedly pineapple is supposed to make it taste good Why do girls like swallowing cum never experimented with that but Dubhlann it's a good thing I'm vegan and a non smoker, never figured out why girls told me mine was sweet as ribbon candy.

Dubhlann maybe try eating fruit. Treetrunk lol I suppose it does taste like candy.

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I never swallowed let alone give a guy a blow job. Now I do, I love doing. It a turn on for me, I really don't like how it taste and he told me I didn't have to swallow it but I did anywways.

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I love swallowing, but I hate the taste, lately I've been making it a game for myself try to enjoy the taste a little more. I love swallowing my boyfriends cum, and sucking on him. If he leaks a little early on, I will lick it up. I don't want to waste it. It turns me on. I always swallowed, didn't like it at first but learned to love it and still do it and the guys love it.

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Lol I don't like swallowing it and neither do my friends we all either tell the guy to tell us if he's going to come so we can pull away but I think many reasons girls do swallow is because the guy wants them to or if they just don't feel like spitting in front of a guy like how sexy haha. It's evenly split on who swallows and who does not. From what I understand, women only swallow with that special guy as a sign of acceptance. Personally, I am used to letting it fly on her belly or leaving it in because of nobody swallowing for me.

But I'd prefer swallow over spitting.