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Flirt facebook

18+ Galleries Flirt facebook.

Flirt on Facebook as you'd flirt face-to-face.

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Don't just send "pokes" and hope that the other person will take the hint. Initiate contact and be a little playful -- hopefully your interest will be returned.

Avoid the first fault of Facebook flirting by only engaging in coquetry when you share a bond with someone.

If you want to find someone special who shares your love of hairless cats, see if there's a Flirt facebook group for that! If your best friend's sister is kind of cute, check his friends list to see if Flirt facebook has an account.

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The type of connection isn't important, but having some sort of link is. Most people won't accept friend requests from random strangers -- and rightfully so from a safety standpoint. Once you've zeroed in on a mutual connection, Flirt facebook the trigger by sending a friend request.

Say something friendly to the cat-lover, such as "Hey!

Tempted to flirt on Facebook?...

I see we both are into hairless cats and live in Seattle. Care to add me as a friend?

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