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Patron saint of divorce

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In honor of the day, we present to you some of the lesser-known and more modern patronages of the saints. There's a great story about St. Genesiusthe patron saint Patron saint of divorce actors, that tells of how he had an epiphany while performing in a play satirizing Christian sacrament and converted to Christianity on the spot, right in Patron saint of divorce middle of the play.

Emperor Diocletian, for whom the play was being performed, was enraged and, when Genesius refused to change his mind, had the performer tortured and beheaded. Sadly, this story is just that—a story—that originated three centuries after Genesius' death.

Genesius was actually a legal clerk who became so upset about the edict of persecution for Christians that he left his position and went in search of baptism.

I asked if these saints...

He was beheaded, around CE, but there's no evidence to suggest the conversion-during-a-play story is accurate. Genesius remains the go-to patron for actors.