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Cyber safety buddie

Good Video 18+ Cyber safety buddie.

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"Cyber Bullying is the use...

Hi Guys, I'm Sam and I want to see how cybersmart you can be. It's really important to be safe when you are online and together we are going to learn how. You have a few new emails. Have a look at who they are from Cyber safety buddie click the buttons and say whether you would open or delete them. You are playing an online game with your school friend Tara.

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Suddenly a message pops up on your computer that says Click here to win a Million dollars!!! What do you do? You should never click on a message that says this!

If you see something on the Internet that seems too good to be true, it probably is! It could give your computer Cyber safety buddie nasty virus. Would you like to have another go? Asking someone what to do is always a good idea if you are unsure but it would be better to close the message. This is not the best thing to do.

It would be better to close the message. You just got a new text on your mobile phone.

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This is a bullying message. If you reply to the message that is exactly what the bully wants. They can then continue to send you horrible messages. You need to show the message to Mum or Dad or your teacher so that they can help to stop the bullying. Saving the message and telling an adult is the right thing to do. It can be used as evidence. You are about to join a new website that your friends at school say is really cool.

What information do you Cyber safety buddie is OK to give online? You have 1 correct. Never give out your personal information online. Someone on a safe site that you use Cyber safety buddie emailed you to ask for your opinion on their site. How do you reply to this person?

How would you feel if someone said this to you? What would you do if your friend offered you their username and password for a safe website that you both use? It is wrong to share passwords. You are on the computer when suddenly an advertisement for Free Ring Tones pops up! All you have to do is enter your parents Credit Card number.

What Cyber safety buddie you do? The best thing to do is ignore adverts like this one.

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Some websites are not safe. Have a look at the 4 websites below.

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You need to work out whether these sites are safe to join or not. Click each one for a better view. You have just seen a video online that was very violent and it has upset you.

What would you choose to do about it?