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How often should i text a girl im hookup

Adult Videos How often should i text a girl im hookup.
I'm not sure how they...

Results 1 to 28 of Alright so I met this girl a few weeks ago at a party and got her number and texted her for like the next 2 days and just kinda forgot about her She's one of those "won't text anyone first" girls, so I always have to text her first 3 days ago I texted her and we hung out that day Then yesterday I texted and set up a date for Friday Should I text her at all before that or just wait til then?

Like I'm trying to get with her and I'm not sure if texting her everyday while I'm getting to know her would be over doing it and would scare her off so I've just been giving her space and limiting it to texting her every other day Any suggestions on what to do?

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It totally depends on her personality. Some girls would think you're going overboard while others would take it as a compliment.

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Do what you think is best. European Championship Men's Physique - May If she's willing to go on a date with you, she's willing to text you. And texting a girl for a long time is probably the easiest way to get a girl to like you and get with her.

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Just don't be creepy man, play it cool. Originally Posted by Hunttarded.

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Originally Posted by Rabie Originally Posted by Landybrah. Originally Posted by somfking. Just wait til then. Originally Posted by stabler Originally Posted by Ballad.

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Bench - x1 Squat - x1 Deadlift - x1. In my opinion, just text her Friday a little while before you're going to meet up with her. I usually like to wait a couple days so it doesn't seem like I'm too desperate. But at the same time, don't completely ignore her lol.

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