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Amateur football europe

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By using our site, you acknowledge that you have read and understand our Cookie Policy , Privacy Policy , and our Terms of Service. Currently, I am a football player for a Dutch amateur club. This summer, I might move abroad and for sure I want to keep playing football. What is the formal procedure to be eligible for, say an English, amateur squad?

Notice that this has in no means to do with professional football transfers but everything with an average kid searching for a possibility to keep playing football in his spare time. Rules and regulations will differ from country to country, but provided you aren't a professional footballer have a contract with your existing club you are free to move to another league at will.

Different federations will have some other restrictions for example, I believe within most European leagues you cannot play for more than two clubs in a single season but generically movement of amateur players is unrestricted. A transfer request needs to be submitted for professional players, or players moving between clubs within the same federation. In Australia, and likely other countries with reputable football federations, you will be required to undergo an international clearance.

This will be requested by the club you join in your new country and will be processed by their football association.

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About 5 of us all aged over 30 are travelling to Paphos on March and need some football teams to carouse against. We've been all over Europe and Cyprus is our latest objective.

Ideally, if any commensurate minded football teams, or people interested in playing us, can get in touch, it would be much appreciated. The outset overseas tour was in Malta in and we've been to 11 countries since, with all the recent tours being 5 or 6-a-side. Hopefully you can help and appropriate for part of Sassco's exciting history. Not sure if the people you are aiming this at leave see it?

Amateur football europe
  • Seasons in European third tier association football leagues (91 C) Belgian First Amateur Division (8 P) Croatian Third Football League (1 C, 1 P).
  • Play whenever and wherever you want in Barcelona and enjoy a free beer after your session.
  • Apart from a business unit for professional football, KNVB has a unit governing and organising amateur football.
  • Europe's football website,, is the official site of UEFA, the Union of The UEFA Regions' Cup brings together the best amateur teams in the continent.

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Setting aside how, due to the dilemma in defining what constituted an amateur player, at most 12 of the 33 UEFA nations of the time submitted teams. The original tournament remit insisted that only associations with a professional or non-amateur top division could set out on the competition. Thus, the former Eastern Bloc countries — where top sportsmen were still classed as amateurs — and Scandinavian nations, whose top divisions were still amateur, were excluded.

Undeterred, the 12 teams involved played each other home and away in four three-team qualifying groups between February and December leading to a four-team final tournament in Palma de Mallorca, Spain, with Austria beating their Scottish counterparts on 18 June to take the title. Spain triumphed at the second Amateur Cup finals in Forte dei Marmi, Italy, in Well-read, while the final was to prove — closely — a non-event, as West Germany and Yugoslavia agreed to share the title rather than treatment a final.

Yugoslavia would go on to put into place sole command of the title, winning the version in Greece. With however ten nations having entered the qualifiers; that was to prove the endure final until the newly-formed UEFA Committee for Crude Football decided to restore to life the idea of a continental amateur competition in

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Who do you think is lying in this friend/relationship situation? Find games of football using the Celebreak App. Meet new people and join the Celebreak CeleBreak – Europe's most exciting amateur football community. Different federations will have some other restrictions (for example, I believe within most European leagues you cannot play for more than two..

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Amateur Football ● Funny Moments 2018

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