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Spencer jones cole markum randy blue

Porn Base Spencer jones cole markum randy blue.

When you have a personal trainer as hot as Cole Markum it's a wonder you'll ever get any working out done. On the other hand, the way your pulse quickens, your body sweats and your cock throbs when he starts flexing those college jock muscles of his, and all the jerking off you'll be doing thinking of him once you get home, well it's gotta be good for a cardio workout.

He strips down and runs his fingers across his hairy chest, rock hard pecs and chiseled Spencer jones cole markum randy blue. His nipples stick out and his cock starts straining against the thin fabric of his underwear. He's so turned on by the feeling of his own muscles and knowing that you're getting off watching him. Not wanting to deprive you of any part of his incredible muscular body he slowly turns around and gives you a perfect view of his ass.

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He runs his hands over the perfect globes of his bubble butt and lightly teases the hole. He wants to give you an incredible show. Then, to show you how flexible and agile he is, he does a split and the sensations of his muscles stretching sends him over the edge and he shoots his load all over the gym mat.

Jayden Tyler went from holding a camera in his hands to having Cole Markum licking his hungry hole and Travis James feeding him cock.

Randy Blue writes: "Spencer Jones...

And that was just the beginning. Cole Markum gets such a hot blowjob from Ross Reed that he just has to rim and fuck that hot ass of his. Spencer Jones takes Cole Markum on a wild ride, fucking him with every ounce of his sexual energy and then feeding him a mouthful of hot sticky cum.

Personal trainer Cole Markum shows you every inch of his incredible muscle stud body, from his hairy chest, tight pecs and chiseled abs, to his beautiful rock hard cock. Cole Markum and Travis James are all ready to do scene but nobody wants to bottom.

Cole Markum gets to play...

All of a sudden they realize that the cameraman is none other than the ubersexy Jayden Tyler. That is all it took for those two hot horny studs to practically rip his clothes off and drag him, not exactly kicking and screaming, into a wild threeway.

These guys were not about to just fuck each other, they wanted Jayden every which way they could have him. At one point they did a centipede rimjob with Tyler getting eaten out by Cole as he eats out Travis.

And what about Travis jerking off Jayden while Cole fucks him.

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Or Jayden having an ass full of Travis and a mouth full of Cole. The possibilities were endless and I think they explored them all. Things just got hotter and hotter until they both shot long ropes of hot steamy spunk right into the waiting mouth of Jayden and he ate both of their loads.

Cole Markum stands there with those deep blue eyes and chiseled body, cock straining to get out of his tight jeans. Ross Reed approaches, kisses him like he is a long lost lover and then goes down on his massive tool. Cole licks his lips and wastes no time in chowing down on that hot ass that Ross loves to show off. His jock strap perfectly frames a hot bubble butt so beautiful that Cole cannot keep his hands off of it.

Cole uses one finger, then another, to get it opened up and ready for a wild night of ass fucking. And Ross could not be happier.

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He would strip Ross down but the visual of him in that sexy jock is just too much for Cole to handle and he wants to keep his little horny jock stud satisfied. Finally he strips Ross down and totally goes Spencer jones cole markum randy blue town on his sweet ass and then shoots a load all over his handsome face. Cole Markum was getting blown by Jarrett Rex and had this look on his face like he had never had anyone suck his dick with such passion and skill before.

Jarrett knew exactly what he was doing and did a great job of getting Cole to just melt and agree to anything. Next thing you know Jarrett is straddling Cole who is working fervently on his throbbing hard on, his own huge cock begging for attention.

But Jarrett has other plans. He gives Cole such a hot rim job that he is filled with a hunger to have his hole fucked like he has never been fucked before.

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And to make it even hotter, Jarrett fucks him in front of a full length mirror, totally getting off on his own reflection pounding the sexy ass of Cole Markum. Then he arranges Cole so he can watch himself get fucked, and that totally blows his mind. Finally he shoots his spooge all over Cole, who opens his mouth hoping to catch some of the delicious spunk.

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