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It is so nice of you

Good Video 18+ It is so nice of you.

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What are good ways to respond to people saying nice things about me? January 20, 3: I know there have got to be classy ways to do this because its a normal part of life and it occurred to me that I haven't noticed anyone else handle it notably.

How does that work? I've tried to get better at this. If it's about something I made normally the case I say "I'm so glad you like it. I also struggle with receiving compliments, but I've learned that the best thing you can say is "thank you.

You'll never get anywhere, or be very happy, if you keep being polite all the time. Politeness can be very rude: It was nothing,' then you're basically telling them that they're an idiot for thinking well of you. The fact you haven't noticed how anybody else responds to it is a good indication of how interested people are in responses to compliments. Accept it gracefully, and move on; the giver already has.

If you feel like you need to elaborate, you can throw some light towards your process, or share the praise around. I'm a performer, and when I get complimented on a performance, I will frequently go with something like "Thank you so much, it was a lot of hard work to prepare but I really think it went well!

It's an It is so nice of you and a pleasure, thank you so much for coming.

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Depending on the situation, sometimes just "Thank you" is enough. That coat looks great on you! Thank you, I think you'd look great in pink actually! And you can be a little self-effacing, I think, you just don't want to make the other person uncomfortable.

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Aw, thanks, I wasn't sure if it made me look like a giant cake pop, so I appreciate that! One thing that might help is to understand that there's a human and cultural need to give appreciation and recognize virtues that we see in life and in other people. This reality helps frame a response to a compliment in a way that isn't primarily about the receiver, but the giver as well.

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That is, if it's good for people to genuinely show appreciation for good things, the emphasis in your response can be more on the "Thank so much, that's kind of you to say that. It acknowledges the receipt of the compliment of course which is simply politewhile primarily noting something of value in the giver: And we could use more of that in life, rather than the other way around.

When we brush off and discourage value appreciation as being unimportant, I think we may actually do a little bit of harm in the world. Instead of internalizing your response as being prideful, then, you are actively encouraging the complimenter for taking an action that is exactly the opposite of pride. They are getting outside of their It is so nice of you head, so to speak, and acknowledging the good of others.

That's to be commended, and when you focus on that, it helps you get out of your own head, too. You just made my day!

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The third way - not boastful and not self-effacing - is to be warm and genuine. When it makes sense, give a little detail, ask a question, or compliment them in return. This piece was inspired by my dog Fluffy.

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I was just noticing your boots, what a great color. Rebuffing the compliment can easily turn into rebuffing the connection or insulting someone else's taste. No one gives a compliment hoping to make someone squirm or say "Naw, I sucked.

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Practicing giving them might make you more comfortable with receiving them. I always say, "You're sweet" or "Oh, you're kind". This is because, when I was bullied as a kid, if I said, It is so nice of you you", people would say, "Look at her.

I guess maybe that's kind of sad, but it works and I have a reason to smile back to the person and acknowledge them, rather than saying, "Oh, these old things? There is a continuum of compliments from superficial to personal: For me, it is easier to reply to the more superficial ones with just "Thanks".

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Practice that and it will get easier to reply to the others in a positive way that does not feel uncomfortable. I appreciate your saying that. I dont see "make eye contact, smile, and look sincerely flattered" If it feels right you could add "be sure to tell my boss" posted by jander03 at 8: So instead of trying to craft the perfect sentence in advance, just keep in mind these 4 words: For instance, "Thank you, I'm glad it was helpful" if they're complimenting something you did to help them, or their boss, etc.

Depends on the compliment, but "thank you" should suffice. You could say something like, "Oh thanks, I worked hard on that" or "Thanks, I wasn't sure but I'm glad it turned out well" or "Thanks, I'm glad you It is so nice of you it useful. I've been working on this and it helps me, if it feels right, to make a little joke like "thanks, flattery will get you everywhere!

I figured this one out after observing a friend who was very tactful about it and hit the right notes when saying thanks.

Saying "thanks" in a modest, appreciative way is very important to people.

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I It is so nice of you know about you but personally I don't like it when I give someone a compliment and they just throw it to the ground. I have a friend who cannot take a compliment, and every time I say something nice she would say the total opposite of what I said. You know what I did? I stopped giving her compliments and encouragement. I also like variations on "Thanks! That really means a lot to me" this is reserved for compliments about my art that are more than superficial.

All the suggestions above are great! If someone said that to me I'd be quite mad. Over 30 years ago, my 8th grade teacher gave us all some great advice. When receiving a compliment, don't get all flummoxed thinking about what to say- just smile and say "Thank you. This thread is closed to new comments.

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