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Nicole Marchand is celebrating another birthday. A year-old black woman, she's already a prosecuting attorney in Atlanta and running for state court judge.

Personable yet direct, Marchand isn't the kind of woman you find standing by passively on the sidelines of life. But you would find her, for example, at the Georgia Dome, cheering on the Atlanta Falcons pro football team.

You've heard of a man's man. Marchand is 50 plus african-american hookup statistics 2018 of video quintessential man's woman: She appears to have it all. And, yet, she's still single. It's just not that easy. For starters, there are 1.

So even if every black man in America married a black woman today, one out of 12 black women still wouldn't make it down the aisle if they hoped to marry a black man.

Let's take black men. By the time you eliminate those without a high school diploma 21 percentthe unemployed 17 percent and those ages who are incarcerated 8 percentyou have only half of black men, 54 percent, whom many black women find acceptable.

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There are a lot of women, though, who are trying to match up their education level, who are trying to match up their corporate status to find somebody on the same level, and they are having trouble. That has nothing to do with manhood at all.

Harvey says black women don't have to settle but they may need to compromise. If your requirement sheet is ridiculous, then you have to look at it. What "Nightline" looked at were the large numbers of professional black women who have groomed themselves for success with B. Seventy percent of them are still without the more elusive title: The tick-tock of the biological clock is a bit louder for many women, including several of Marchand's single friends who live in Atlanta.

Chato Waters is a year-old high school counselor pursuing a doctorate degree in psychology.

Jakene Ashford is a chemist for a pharmaceutical company. Now that she's 34, Ashford who is 5-foot-9 has lowered the bar when it comes to height requirements. And I used to, but then as I got older I said, 'Maybe if you are 6-foot-3, 6-foot-2, 6-foot-1, maybe if we can see eye-to-eye.

At issue is whether Ashford needs to set aside certain standards in order to make it down the aisle. Her parameters are pretty flexible. She's also open to dating outside of her race.

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Indeed, the number of black women entering interracial marriages has more than doubled in the past decade. Melinda Watson is a year-old payroll specialist who hasn't had an exclusive relationship since college.

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The consensus in this group was that their preference is to marry a black man. And it's not that they can't find one to date. The issue, in many cases, is exclusivity. Waters said, "That is the back-pocket girl. Every once in a while, they 50 plus african-american hookup statistics 2018 of video check in on you to make sure you are still single: Waters hasn't been in a committed relationship in more a decade.

I am more at peace with just crying myself to sleep sometimes, or going everywhere with Jakene [Ashford], rather than just having that little piece of a man.

Waters said, "If you have four quality women in rotation, who is going to rush into a marriage? Harvey, the self-proclaimed expert on men, listen in as the single ladies talked about their requirements.

As for the deal breakers, Watson said, "Just because of my past -- men with kids or just not being ambitious.

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Ashford said, "If I don't have that initial chemistry, it's not going to work, I don't care if you have everything on the list. Marchand said, "I am not going to talk to you if I'm not attracted to you. While these women look forward to settling down, they say they're not willing to settle. Waters said, "I am lonely, but having the faith I have and being 50 plus african-american hookup statistics 2018 of video woman I am and waiting as long as I have, I can't settle now.

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