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Esha Gupta recently posted a long message on health, beauty and body shaming and we think everyone should read it!

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And it was always clear that the G R underpinnings would spawn more models, the first of which was the G GS. While we celebrate our independence day, it is also important to remember that gone are those dark days where all you had to choose from were a handful of cars.

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In a sense, car buyers in India are 'independent' to choose from a variety of cars, from the simple family hatchback to the SUV and sedan and even a sexy coupe or cabriolet Hot sixi images you Hot sixi images affor Cooper Hefner has his father's translucent skin and mischievous smile, which stretches across his face like a flat line.

He's lankier but has the same eyes, impenetrable bits of brown seaglass below that high forehead. The Mercedes-AMG S 63 Coupe adds to the growing products of performance vehicles in the country and there's no doubt that it is just as sexy to look at, fun to drive and filled to the brim with luxury.

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As long as YOU feel sexy, attractive, and confident, there is no chance that the other person will miss it. About a year ago, I went on a first date that had me smitten.

He was charming, smart and worldly; he Hot sixi images seemed different from the guys I usually met on dating apps.

As we finished our fancy cocktails and went in search of tacos, I felt certain there would be a second date. Brace yourselves, folks, because Priyanka Chopra's Dion Lee blazer is another kind and level of goals.

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The Shukan Bunshun weekly magazine on Wednesday reported that Education Minister Hot sixi images Hayashi visited a yoga studio in the hip Ebisu district in Tokyo using a state car, and took private lessons there.

Deepika Padukone To Kareena Kapoor: These women are breaking the norm and making androgynous fashion look sexy - and they're doing it in all white.

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Mira's pick last night was different from her usual - and we can't say we're complaining. What Does Passion Sound Like?

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Perhaps no group has thought more deeply about the sound of passion than narrators who speak the words romance authors write. Entertainment Thursday January 11, Surveen Chawla kept her marital status secret for two years and very recently she shared pictures of her Italian wedding. The Starry Makeover Oct 10, John Abraham, 40 and fabulous.

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