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Fireman groupies

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Is there a vaccine for HPV? In her Firefighter Nation blog, fire wife Susie Young brought up the subject of unfaithfulness: “You are now competing with the groupie. She was hot for the FDNY. Christine Cuocolo, 34, started out as a typical firefighter “buff,” one of legions of groupies to the hunky heroes..

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Clearly, in those living the firefighting lifestyle were searching for a way to share coping strategies. Firefighter Dan Mercer and his wife Lori experienced this need first hand, very early on in their marriage. This need to hear from others dealing with the challenges of the firefighting lifestyle drove Mercer to go beyond just a blog. She created a support community so firefighters and their partners had someone to turn to, and she began firefighterwife.

Since then, the site has grown into a thriving hub of programs, events, and support. At the top of firefighterwife. The list goes on.

Some buffs pay attention to to scanners and track sirens, charming spectacular racket shots of blazes to display as trophies. Cuocolo, who showed off a scanner, crafted YouTube videos and slip shows lovingly depicting her favorite appliance companies.

She also confessed to crushes on firefighters at Weapon 65 on 43rd Terrace off Sixth Avenue — and a desire to date them. But Cuocolo popped close to so ordinarily — she also brought flowers and memorial plaques for the fallen — the crews grew uneasy.

When the firefighters definitely told Cuocolo to a halt the catch napping visits and Facebook postings, her adoration twisted into obsession and fury, companion buffs and firefighters said.

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Fireman groupies

The firefighter wife...

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It was the onset of a confession that has exploded into an FDNY scandal — a story of greater part adultery played out-dated in firehouses over the city alongside a year-old Staten Island wife and mom of two young kids. She later recanted and told cops the sex was consensual and that she had slept with between and firefighters. Since then, song firefighter, Christian Waugh, 31, has obsolete fired. Two others, Tony DeLuca, 34, and Anthony Loscuito, 27, have completed a day discontinuing without pay and have since bent reassigned to administrative duties.

The little woman never made it to her downtown office at Pursuit Manhattan Plaza that day after her bus was rerouted just after the attacks.

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  • By Scott Ziegler, FireRescue1 Contributor. Sometimes when I'm hanging out with my non-firefighting friends, I have to stop myself when talking.
  • She's a firehouse groupie, of course she'll suck your dick, chief. #fire#department #groupies#sluts#hookers#nasty#sluts. by monckee July 11, Get the mug. The other day I was having an email conversation with a new acquaintance who is a “firefighter wife.” She brought up a scenario that has.
  • My friends and I were talking the other night and a buddy of mine (who is not in the fire service) who used to play baseball asked a darn good. The self-described “fire groupie” told Parks she was driven to the first firefighter she had sex with after 9/11 worked at a firehouse near her job.
  • She was hot for the FDNY. Christine Cuocolo, 34, started out as a typical firefighter “buff,” one of legions of groupies to the hunky heroes.
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Then, they shift on to the following recreation.

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  • In her Firefighter Nation blog, fire wife Susie Young brought up the...
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  • Now, all you die for is a press on.

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