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Best natural lubricant for sex

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The modern environment is full of everything synthetic. Synthetic ingredients are in food, cosmetics, skin care products, tap water, and, of course, personal lubricants. All of these chemicals have a direct impact not only on your physical health but also your mental health and sexual health.

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Purchasing an all natural lubricant will go a long way in reuniting you with nature, and your body will be thanking you after a few years. Personally, I have stopped using synthetic lubes altogether, and I advise you to do the same. Making this decision had a great impact on my sexual well-being, and I am now much more sexually active and happy.

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My body feels nourished and revitalized, I experience no more pain in my vagina during sex or after it, and my skin in the more intimate areas has changed radically for the better. All of the best natural lubricants on this list have been tried and tested by myself, and they are an excellent next step into a fully organic lifestyle.

Best natural lubricant for vaginal sex. It lasts incredibly long, it feels fantastic and it was created for those of you with sensitive vaginal skin. Irritations and Best natural lubricant for sex will be a worry of the past with this natural lube, as it does everything a lube should do and more.

Very long-lasting, silky smooth texture, no smell or taste, leaves no stains. Difficult to wash off. The Isabel Fay is the best natural lubricant for sex. Well, firstly, it lasts a very long time.

You will never need to reapply it, as it can stay nice and slick for over an hour. Secondly, it feels silky smooth, just like a lube should, and thirdly, it has no smell or taste whatsoever. Finally, and most importantly, the Best natural lubricant for sex you get from the Isabel Fay is out of this world… it feels like slippery and gooey heaven. After a thorough wash in the shower it does rinse off, but a quick wipe with a napkin is not enough to get rid of it.

I love everything about this lube.

When I started my research...

A fantastic brand of natural lube. Overall a fantastic product. Need to use large amount of lube to become well lubricated.

I loved this lube. It has never let me down, whether during anal or vaginal sex or during playing with my sex toys. The Lulu Kube never gets sticky after use, it has no smell of chemicals like many lubes, and it does an amazing job of lubricating the intimate areas.

The first time I had some slippery, natural sex with the Lulu I was blown away by how smooth it was. Best natural lubricant for anal sex.

If you're the kind of...

Fantastic viscosity, long-lasting, smooth texture, fantastic lubrication. Gets sticky after use, expensive price. This is the best natural lubricant for anal sex, period.

It has no numbing effect like some anal lubricants, but it offers such perfectly slippery lubrication that you will never even need any numbing effect. I will share you a secret — the first time I tried the Intimate Earth with my partner was also the first time I ever tried anal sex.